Externship Program


Contact Person: Cynthia Sullivan, Ph.D.

Director of Training
Neuropsychology Associates of Fairfax
(703) 876-0966  
E-mail: nafexternship@gmail.com
Website: www.neuropsychologyfairfax.com

Setting: The Neuropsychology Associates of Fairfax (NAF) is a neuropsychology center. The three owners are assistant professors within the neurology department of the Georgetown University Medical Center. They are actively involved in research, consulting, clinical work, and training. The training program consists of 10-15 pre-doctoral externs throughout the year.  Externship positions are available for the full year (typically August to August), but summer externs are also welcome. It is recommended that applicants complete courses in intellectual assessment and/or measurement before applying.

Responsibilities: Within the externship, students conduct neuropsychological evaluations with a diverse population of patients.  Batteries range from brief (2 hours) to full (5-6 hours).  Externs are trained in all aspects of evaluation, including: clinical interviewing, test administration, test selection, test interpretation, report write-up, the development of treatment recommendations, consultation with referral sources, and feedback sessions.  We primarily serve an adult patient population, and our patients are heterogeneous with regard to culture, ethnicity, and diagnosis, among other factors.

Supervision: Supervision is tailored to the skill level of each extern, with a minimum of 1 hour per assessment case.  Individual and group supervision is provided.  In group supervision, externs present and discuss neuropsychological cases.

Terms:  16 hours per week.  Full-year externship is typically 12 months, but summer externs are also welcome.

Stipend:  None available.

To Apply:  Application materials due by Friday, February 2, 2024.  Please send letter of interest, 2 letters of recommendation, transcript (unofficial is okay), CV, and a sample test report.  Applicants will be scheduled for interview. 

Letters of recommendation can be sent with the rest of your application materials or they can be emailed directly from the recommenders to nafexternship@gmail.com.

If you do not hear from us after submitting your application, please email us at nafexternship@gmail.com to confirm that we received it.

To Book an Appointment Call: (703) 876-0966 option 1

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