Referral Sources

Referral Sources

Neuropsychology Associates of Fairfax is a comprehensive neurocognitive assessment center that offers appointments for your patients with minimal wait times and reports tailored to your needs and that of your patient. Drs. Quig, Wilken, and Sullivan have a team of staff with years of experience. They have an experienced Billing Director who handles all insurance and billing issues so you and your patient don’t have to.

What to expect from the reports:

• Focus on the referral question without the use of jargon or “psychobabble”.
• Typically 3-5 pages, including a comprehensive set of recommendations.
• Many different formatting options (can be tailored to your needs)
• Typically ready within 4 to 5 weeks. For urgent cases, contact us and it can be sooner.


• Neuropsychological evaluations are typically covered by insurance.
• Since most people referred to us have some form of cognitive compromise, dealing with the insurance companies is difficult for them. Therefore, we have a very experienced billing director who will handle ALL insurance issues for the patient. She will contact the insurance company on behalf of the patient and determine coverage.
• Our billing director always informs the patient of his or her coverage and the likely co-pay. The patient does not have to deal with the insurance company at all.


• Patients can be scheduled for a one-hour feedback session to review test results and recommendations. Medically related accommodations will always be discussed first with the referring physician.
• Consultations with referring physician are always an option when needed. Just call our office to set up a time to talk with the neuropsychologist who saw your patient.

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